Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Random exam thingy

It has been way soo long agoo since I last wrote I am so sorry yet I predicted though there're not many that have been waiting for my writing, but at least there is . And above all thank you for your support and here I am to cherish one more time before I would like to announce that I will be soon removing my blog to a brand new wordpress and think I have to leave this blog all alone :'( 
Coz y'all know I can't handle two blogs yah. I can't. So not my forte after all.

So yeah here I am to let you know that I've just finished my final examination for my first semester ever and Alhamdulillah everything goes well I think? And currently figuring out what to do what to do next , maybe finding jobs, or stick around at home 'decaying' , or entah lah.

It's just one thing here I'd like to share base on my view during my past exam weeks. Of course everywhere else I always saw bunch of struggle people doing their "struggling thingy" yet each one of us know that who else doesn't want that distinction right? So ,the important keyword here is struggle as it has always been related to student. Opps correction. "Excellent student"

However, I couldn't agree much as I am happened to meet a lot of other people who doesn't need extra struggle on studying but they still are excellent. And I kinda envy this kind of people as they are gifted I think. They are somewhat people called as geniuses. 

But my very point is, I never ever been mentally psyched by those people who pretended to study a lot in front of me maybe beause they want to show off their struggle or something, idk but if they actually don't  pretend , haha I'm sorry because I am saying this coz I just hate to see people being hypocrite. They studied hard , so that maybe people will praise them of their hardships. 

What comes into my concern is, please not to forget , who's the one who's giving you the eternal success? The one who brings you the eternal happiness. The one who'll never let you down? We barely forget that the greatest test is not the study part, but it's the part where we despair if we're not given as how we wished . We struggled a lot, we pray a lot, and we hoped so much that we can get as how we expected. But if things happened to be 360 degree different, what kind of people we'll be? 
With patience? Or regret? Or ashamed of not getting the best?
Think about it one more time. Reminiscing the earliest intention we've set beforehand. Is there any remembrance and relation of Him? What is our purpose after all of getting success? 

This piece is wholeheartedly written for myself as I think, this is what always happen to me. 

Is it really happened to you too? 

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